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Seven Stars, Seven Siblings, and One White Tree

Nov 22, 2022

Hey... do you have a Harfoot shaped hole in your life? Are you feeling more like a shapeless, formless disembodied spirit instead of a fair form ready to decieve elves and men alike? Are your Friday nights now dull and colorless? Do you feel you too might fade away without the help of a strange added plot point...

Oct 23, 2022

All Seven of the Siblings are back for this special *SPOILER FILLED* espisode where they recap all their thoughts on all the various storylines in Season One of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings Of Power. Come ponder questions like: Has Sadoc Burrows read the Silmarillion? Which professional boxing star is...

Oct 4, 2022

With only two more episodes remaining in the first season of Rings Of Power, we thought we'd take a second to give some of our thoughts. But more importantly we're here to get to the bottom of one of the show's big mysteries: Who is that red-eyed, evil-loving, jewelry enthusiast who wants nothing more than to cover all...

Sep 16, 2022

*SPOILER WARNING* This show contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Rings of Power. Listen at your own spoilery risk.

It has arrived! Amazon's new Lord of the Rings show "Rings of Power" is out now! On today's show we're joined by Harry from the Daily Rings Of Power Twitter and Podcast. He and the Siblings...

Aug 22, 2022

We're days away from the premiere of the first two episodes of Amazon's new Tolkien series "Rings of Power" and we have thoughts! (How much Tom Bombadil will there be? Too much? Not enough? Surely not enough...)


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